Eclipse InfoTech reimagines your business by extending digital power all the way through the middle and back office where it can generate growth, cost, efficiency and business agility. We put digital technology and analytics to work. Importantly, our approach is designed to help large enterprises with complex, often dated pre-existing operations, embracing the art of the possible.

How does outsourcing increase profits?

Businesses are under constant pressure and outsourcing your services can utilize your employee’s time and productivity. As your company grows, you will need expansion in services and the need for delegating them into core and noncore services. This support in infrastructure for meeting the demands of an increasing customer base and business is vital in ensuring the continuing success of your company.

Outsourcing with Eclipse allows you to delegate noncore activities and allows you to focus on the activities that makes your business a success.

Let us help you in finding the appropriate tools to continue the success of your business.

Reasons to outsource with Eclipse InfoTech

With a pool of highly technical and creative talent, we provide IT services that are cost effective. You can reduce operating costs by half by selecting to outsource to India.
By selecting to outsource, you can be rest assured that you shall receive high quality output and the best services from us.
An important factor to choose outsourcing by overseas companies is the time difference. Having a 24X7 operation is easy when you decide to outsource to India
Outsourcing to India can highly benefit your organization. When you outsource to India you will be outsourcing to people who are highly educated with higher qualification. Due to economic changes and increase in competition, outsourcing to India provides a potential competitive advantage over your rivals. As a result you can find that your company is able to reduce costs
Goa is a former Portuguese colony. It is India's richest state with a GDP per capita two and a half times that of the country as a whole. In the 2011 census, Goa’s literacy rate of 87% consists of 90% male literacy and 84% female literacy. Majority of Goan students have English as the medium of instruction in their high school. This gives Goa a distinct advantage as a preferred outsourcing destination in India.
At Eclipse, we have a talented pool of professionals who are highly skilled and experienced in their individual fields and committed to teamwork and inter departmental coordination to deliver cohesive results. Our staff have been selected on the above criteria keeping in mind the need for effective communication as the basis for producing great results on a competitive timescale.